Wolff is fine (as long as Salgado is coming)

Well, that was an experience! As we all learned, DC United took Josh Wolff, former US International and member of the Kansas City Wizards, in the first round of the second stage of the re-entry draft.  And even though there is a lot of criticism of the move, I think that I’m okey with it.  In my last post, I said that DCU should take Juan Pablo Angel both as a one year solution and as a mentor to the younger offensive players.  I think that Josh Wolff can fill the mentor role as well and at a much cheaper price.  I think that this is what Ben Olsen is thinking as well, as he said that Josh “has been around this League and he knows what it takes to be a professional. I know he will help guide our young guys and show them what is needed to have long and successful careers.”

The key to this pick, however, is what comes after it.  DCU needs to add a young, promising striker that Wolff can mentor for him to live up to his purpose.  Pontius and Hernandez should benefit from Wolff’s experience, but DCU needs to draft someone like Omar Salgado, who is a pure striker (from everything we’re told).  There were no long-term solutions available in the re-entry draft.  But if DCU doesn’t use the #3 pick on a striker, then drafting Wolff here is going to look a lot worse.

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