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  • DC United strikes back

    What’s that good feeling floating around? A weekend of beating the Red Bulls and the USWNT Algeria’ing Brazil? Sounds like a great soccer weekend to me. The Good DeRo: While he disappeared for some parts of the match, he reappeared right when he was needed and delivered exactly what he was brought in for: a […]

  • Welp, that sucked

    Well, there is no two ways around it. The game against the New York Red Bulls exposed all of the flaws in this current DC United team, while showing none of the good things that they have built so far this season. Actually, it reminded me a lot more of last year’s team, which is […]

  • United Reborn: DCU vs. the Columbus Crew

    United Reborn. So said a sign in the crowd during DC United’s 3-1 victory last night over the Columbus Crew, in a battle of rebuilding Eastern Conference teams. While both are rebuilding, they are coming from different places. Columbus is rebuilding after being second in the East last year and winning the Supporter’s Shield the […]

  • State of the Roster (Charlies Davies Edition)

    Ben Olsen’s coy comments about American strikers have come true, as D.C. United has used their position on top of the allocation order to, pending an extended physical, sign Charlie Davies to a year long loan. On the surface, this is a great move for D.C. United, as it takes a player that has almost […]

  • Wolff is fine (as long as Salgado is coming)

    Well, that was an experience! As we all learned, DC United took Josh Wolff, former US International and member of the Kansas City Wizards, in the first round of the second stage of the re-entry draft.  And even though there is a lot of criticism of the move, I think that I’m okey with it.  […]