DCU Chugs a Red Bull

Andy Najar is quickly becoming entrenched as a starter, even at 17.  He’s got lots of energy, is always running around, harassing the other team in seemingly safe situations.  He’s gonna poach a goal off of this at some point.

We don’t know yet if Luciano Emilio is going to be available for the game tomorrow, and even if he is, he won’t start.  But I could see him coming on to spell Jaime near the end of the game.

With his performance on Wednesday against FC Dallas, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adam Cristman get some time, especially if DCU isn’t scoring early.  He made some good runs to capitalize on some goal scoring chances that were not gimmes.  If he, Najar, and Castillo can develop some report, as they seem to have started in the US Open Cup match, that might actually get some goal scoring chances on a regular basis.

Clyde Simms won’t start, but he’ll probably come in as a second half substitute.  I would think that Onalfo would bench Barklage in front of his favorite Morsink, but the next few matches will be a contest between the two to see which one can become fully entrenched as the starter.

Here’s the lineup that, given all the injuries, I think that we’ll see.  Or at least, its the team I would like to see.  I liked the way that the 4-2-3-1 worked in the Open Cup, and I think it gets DCU’s best players on the field, especially with all the injuries right now.  Although I do think its telling that its so hard to predict the lineup week to week; thats a good sign that the team is in turmoil.

Graye Talley McTavish Wallace
Barklage Morsink
Castillo Najar Quaranta

If Pena is fit, he’ll take Talley’s place in the center defense and Talley will move into Graye’s spot.  DC United shocks RBNY and wins their first MLS match of the season, 2-1.  Quaranta and Moreno score for United.

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