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  • DC United strikes back

    What’s that good feeling floating around? A weekend of beating the Red Bulls and the USWNT Algeria’ing Brazil? Sounds like a great soccer weekend to me. The Good DeRo: While he disappeared for some parts of the match, he reappeared right when he was needed and delivered exactly what he was brought in for: a […]

  • Welp, that sucked

    Well, there is no two ways around it. The game against the New York Red Bulls exposed all of the flaws in this current DC United team, while showing none of the good things that they have built so far this season. Actually, it reminded me a lot more of last year’s team, which is […]

  • Take back the Atlantic Cup!

    After taking care of business over the weekend against Toronto, DC United now faces the much more difficult task of welcoming the Red Bulls down to RFK. The Red Bulls are following the classic New York style of building a team: buy all the star players you can get and don’t worry if they actually […]

  • Stay in School, Juan

    Rumors are coming out that big European clubs, like Athletico Madrid, are continuing to scout Juan Agudelo. This is nothing new; the American phenom that European clubs come over to scout. But this script plays it in a couple of different ways. As much as I dread United facing him, I think that Juan Agudelo […]

  • Boskovic and Hernandez lineup math

    Ah, the last game before DC United two new signings, Branko Boskovic and Pablo Hernandez, can officially start playing.  That’s when lineup choices will start getting more interesting, although I doubt either of them will start that game (against the Sounders), but maybe a late sub depending on how the game is going.  The lineup […]

  • Tale of Two Halves

    “Tale of Two Halves” could be the title of the Dickensian tragedy that is the current DC United season.  I’m rewatching the Telefutura broadcast right now, and one of the announcers just called United’s play “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” It seems the great debate over the formation United should be playing is over.  United […]

  • DCU Chugs a Red Bull

    Andy Najar is quickly becoming entrenched as a starter, even at 17.  He’s got lots of energy, is always running around, harassing the other team in seemingly safe situations.  He’s gonna poach a goal off of this at some point. We don’t know yet if Luciano Emilio is going to be available for the game […]