Richmond Kickers at Rochester Rhinos Game Thread

Hello again, boys and girls. The Richmond Kickers are back in action tonight, facing the Rochester Rhinos the day after facing the Harrisburg City Islanders. The Rhinos are an even tougher challenge, sitting in second place behind Orlando City. Playing the second best team in the league a day after playing the 4th place team is a tough call, and so Cowlishaw’s roster management will be key. How much of an impact will speedsters like Edson Elcock and Christopher Agorsor be able to make tonight? I predict that they will both be subs, perhaps able to change the game in the 65th minute. 3 points would be more than just a single win, it would be a win for this road trip; a draw would be disappointing but expected.

Game Time: 7:05pm

Video: This game can be found streaming online at

Lineup: Playing the second game in two days makes predicting the lineup a fool’s errand. This is the first time this year that Leigh Cowlishaw has had games in back to back days (but not the last). However, I do expect the defense to be the same, as there are few other options. Here is what one version of the lineup could look like, but I’m not very confident in its accuracy.

Goerres Johnson Yeisley Foglesong
Bulow Dos Santos Vercollone Callahan
Delicate Nyazamba

Prediction: I’ve been saying in my head that 4 points would be a win on this road trip, but I thought it would be the other way around. However, I’m still going to predict a 2-1 victory, as I did for last night, in the hopes that it may come true this time.

What are you drinking: For me, its another one of my bourbon-y favorites: Evan Williams Single Barrel, 2002 vintage neat. What are you drinking tonight?

As in last nights game, I’ll try to get a live blog going after the jump. Feel free to join in!

Apparently the rhinos have cheerleaders. I don’t know how I feel about that….

Kickers are in red tonight.

Kickers lineup is Pascale; Goerres, Johnson, Yeisley, Foglesong; Callahan, Dos Santos, Vercollone, Heins; Nyazamba, Hiroyama

1′ we’re off!

3′ excuse me, its more a 4-5-1, with hiroyama alone up top

5′ And its a Kickers goal! Hiroyama hits the ball off the  crossbar, and Vercollone is there to clean up the rebound!

17′ Sorry, updates are going to be a little short the rest of this half. but the Kickers are looking good!

27′ Richmond attack fizzles, and Rochester comes on the counter. Johnson knocks the ball out for a corner kick. Pascale makes a brilliant save to keep the ball out of the net.

43′ Dos Santos is down for a long while, but eventually gets up. Free kick for the Rhinos, as Callahan shoved the Rhino into Dos Santos. Pascale parries it wide.

45’+ Seventh Rhinos corner is slammed into the box, and a Rhino turns and shoots it at Pascale; Ronnie is able to lay out to save it and Goerres clears it out.  The half is over, and the score remains 1-0, Kickers!

46′ And we’re back!

50′ Kickers have been much better in possession so far this game.

52′ Christopher Agorsor is about to come on, perhaps for Hiroyama.

55′ Rochester has good possession but hes unable to been threatening

56′ thinks broadcaster just told us his tee time. Nyazamba with a bad giveaway, but Pascale saves the day again.

59′ Agorsor is fouled and it draws a yellow card for the thinks player.

62′ dos Santos has played much better in this game. Good quick passes, no more than two touches.

64′ Agorsor gets the ball forward and beats a man, but has no support.

66′ rhino gets to turn and shoot in the box, but scuffs it into pascales arms.

69′ Richmond has been bunkered in and the rhinos have been getting near chances.

Yeisley is down, meaning the Kickers backup center defender is now hurt. Someone is playing taps, which is kind of rude.

Elcock is coming on for nyazamba, and dos Santos has dropped.I’m center defense while yeisley is off. Yeisley is back and nyazamba is to.take a corner, which is cleared.

77′ elcock has sat back down, wont be coming on.

80′ elcock comes on (finally) for nyazamba.

83′ elcock and agorsor combining well on a counter, but the ball is taken away.

85′ free kick from the corner of the 18. Dos Santos takes, but is headed away.

86′ dos Santos has been in charge of the microelectronic.the past 20 minutes.

89′ rhinos putting on the pressure, but yeisley and pascale are up to it.

90′ dos Santos hacked down, drawing a yellow. Free kick is short and taken away.

90+ Callahan fouls a rhino at the top of the 18.

90+ free kick is wide

After five minutes of added time, the whistle is blown! Kickers win!

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