United vs. Sounders

Sorry for the absence, folks. Got married, honeymoon, students coming back to campus at work. But we press onwards, just like United!

In United’s dismantling of Chivas, they looked like they had finally put together their offense, looking more dangerous than they had since the beginning of the season. And it was nice to see Charlie Davies scoring goals from the run of play again. But now they have to deal with the injury to their most dangerous player from last week, Chris Pontius. If Josh Wolff is healthy, I expect Santino Quaranta to slot in on the left wing. ‘Tino has had moments so far this season, so I am hoping that he can step up to his added responsibility.

Kitchen McDonald White Woolard
Najar DeRosario Quaranta
Wolff Davies

If Wolffy isn’t ready to go, then I expect Quaranta to move up top and Austin Da Luz to step into the midfield. Can United pull this off? Well, as many people have said, they have never lost in Seattle. But they have also never played a Seattle team this good. Getting a point would be a result I am happy with, and 3 would be just gravy. I’m going to predict a 2-2 draw. Vamos United!

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