SEQ: Players’ salaries

For our second installment of Search Engine Questions, I decided to tackle money. One search term that often brings people to my blog is the amount of money that certain players are being payed. The full list of player salaries, including an explanation of the difference between base salary and guaranteed compensation, can be found on the MLS Players Union website.

But, moving on from that explanation, for which DC United players’ salaries are people searching?

  • Perry Kitchen: Kitchen has a base salary of $62,750, but guaranteed compensation of $148,200, meaning that he has some hefty bonuses in his contract. Kitchen is a Generation adidas player, meaning that his contract does not count against United’s budget. Generation adidas contracts also collect money for the selected players to go back to school later, should they choose.
  • Charlie Davies: Of course, the big question of the offseason was how much money did it take to get Charlie Davies to DC. Davies has a base salary of $184,620 and a guaranteed compensation of $244,870. Solid money, but they did not break the bank for him.
  • Devon McTavish: McTavish makes $50,000, with apparently no bonuses thrown in there. I assume that people were searching for his salary to see if cutting him would make any sense due to his long term concussion problem? Firstly, that is not a classy move and, secondly, United would not be saving much if they were to be so heartless.
  • Blake Brettschneider: Blake Brettchneider has been heralded as the steal of the Supplemental Draft, but does his salary much that status? Yes, it does: Brettschneider is being paid $42,000 right now. Last year, Pablo Hernandez made $156,000 and did not give anywhere near the performance that Brettschneider has so far. I hope that United can sign him to a long term deal.

It is not even always the salaries of current DC United players that bring people here. Two people searched for:

  • Julius James: James is making a base salary of $62,794, with guaranteed compensation of $72,169. He is not making that much money and would have been a nice backup centerback to have. However, he might have prevented the emergence of Ethan White, and so it is a bit of a mixed bag.

Have any other salary questions? Hit the link at the top to see the entire list, as of 1 May 2011.

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