SEQ: Can Ethan White Play Right Back?

Sometimes, I am amazed at what search results bring people to my humble site. And since people are wondering, I will try to respond to their search engine questions in a (possibly) recurring segment. The first is related to United’s recent roster turmoil: Can Ethan White play right back?

The apparent answer is no, not really. At the 2011 MLS Combine, White did play some right back. However, he did not seem to perform well, according to Joe Mauceri. Here is a quote from Joe’s blog:

Ethan White – started as right back, but wasn’t successful, allowing too much space to the wide attacker.  It only got worse with a hand ball that could have been the second PK called against him for the second day in a row.  White lost Rowe which led to a goal.  White needs to think quicker (further ahead) to prevent problems.   White is better in the middle – and I suggest that he won’t see the right back position very soon in an MLS game.

I am sorry, anonymous searcher. It does not look like Ethan White will be starting on the right anytime soon, which means that nor will Perry Kitchen be starting for Clyde Simms.

UPDATE 7/4: Joe Mauceri writes in to say that this is actually from a U-20 camp that occurred around the MLS camp.

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