Quick post before kickoff

Sorry folks, I’ve been busy with conferences for work and the like. But I’m back and will be drinking whiskey and watching the game tonight. I liked the Stephen King experiment versus FC Dallas, and wouldn’t mind seeing it again, especially if the defense can remain as solid as it has been for the past two games. So, here’s who I think will start:

Kitchen White Jakovic Woolard
Najar King McCarty Pontius
Wolff Davies

With the defense, why mess with success? This is the defense that has allowed only one goal against two of the top teams in the West, whereas the defense with Marc Burch and Jed Korb gave up eight goals in a two match span. I still think we will see Perry Kitchen revert to the midfield at some point, not this year, but right back seems to be suiting him well for right now. It allows him to be more on the ball, rather than trying to boss the middle with speed and strength.

Bossing the middle with size and strength is the job that Ethan White now does, and he has been doing it well. The player who was seen as a raw, developmental project is bearing fruit quickly. We were all told that signing White out of the academy was like getting another first round pick, and how right they were.

With Bob Bradley in house, Charlie Davies has ever reason to want to put on a classic display. I’m going to go bold and say that United will win 3-1, with a Davies brace and Najar scoring his first of the year. Vamos United!

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