Back on the right foot: US Open Cup vs. the New England Revolution

After last Thursday’s debacle, DC United looks to get back to its winning ways in its match against the New England Revolution. Most people seem to agree on the lineup, which is:

Korb Brasesco White Woolard
Najar King Morsink Quaranta
Brettschneider Ngwenya

I don’t really have much to add to that, except to wonder why this game isn’t being streamed online? I’m pretty sure most/all of the early round US Open Cup games were streamed last year. Budget cuts? I sure hope not. I am going to call for a Brettschneider brace and that United will continue its winning ways in the Open Cup 2-0. Hopefully they can eventually dance their way into the Open Cup proper.

One response to “Back on the right foot: US Open Cup vs. the New England Revolution”

  1. I think the Open Cup games proper are streamed, but the MLS play-in games aren’t actually part of the competition; they’re MLS’s method of allocating its given slots, so it’s up to the teams to provide coverage. I don’t think SoccerPlex games are streamed that often by DCU, because the SoccerPlex internet connections are dodgy at best.

    Anyway, I’m interested to see if the B team has worked out defensive marking, since the A team seems to be struggling so much with it. Fingers crossed? Looks like NE is bringing their young’uns too, so let’s hope they’re a bit less of a match than Philly’s A team was.

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