Red Dead Continuation: DC United vs. Toronto FC

Onwards, my friends! This is just a quick post because I’m not going to be in town again this weekend, but I wanted to get a post out there. I think that United has a good chance to pick up three road points this weekend, and anything less is going to be a bit of a disappointment. Not surprising, but a disappointment. Here’s how I see the lineup shaking out for tomorrow:

Korb Jakovic Kitchen Burch
Najar McCarty Simms Pontius
Davies Wolff

I have heard the reports that Fred has been training with the first team and so that he may get the start. Really? With Quaranta out, I would much rather see Najar playing over there, or if Pontius or Boskovic can play the right wing, one of them too. At this point in his career, Fred is a nice spark off of the bench, but he is not a starter.

Also, Perry Kitchen might still be too sick to play a full 90 minutes; if that is the case, Ethan White would again get the start. While I really want Kitchen to be back, White showed well last week and I would not mind too much if he got the start.

As for a prediction? If Kitchen comes back, I am going with 2-0 United; without Kitchen, my guess is 2-1. This is the week that the offense really needs to come back, or it may feel a lot like last year. Vamos United!

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