Power Rankings, Week 1

The first week full weekend of MLS action obviously leads to the first power rankings of the season! I can already tell that some of my preseason predictions might be going up in flames…

  1. Real Salt Lake: A 1-0 victory is no reason to move RSL from the top spot, and if they keep grinding them out it won’t matter what the line is.
  2. LA Galaxy: A slow start against the Sounders and against the Revolution keeps the Galaxy solidly in second place.
  3. New York Red Bulls: The Red Bulls continued Seattle’s woes and keep themselves solidly on top of the East.
  4. FC Dallas: Another draw? Seems like FC Dallas have refound their midseason form.
  5. Colorado Rapids: The defending champs look to prove me wrong in two ways, beating up on my surprise team.
  6. DC United: Perhaps a premature jump, but compared to the rest of the East, it can hardly be begrudged.
  7. Sporting KC: SKC’s offense looks potent; their defense, especially against Chivas, leaves something to be desired.
  8. Chicago Fire: I really do not have any opinions of the Chicago Fire, but a draw against the MLS Cup runners-up is nothing to dismiss.
  9. Seattle Sounders: Seattle got a tough draw in its first two games, but no points in their first two matches is tough for their desires of an MLS Cup and a Supporter’s Shield.
  10. Philadelphia Union: The Union surprised the team that most thought would be in the East’s top three; will the Union take the Dynamo’s place?
  11. San Jose Earthquakes: A loss to the top team in the league won’t drop you much; I hope my preseason predictions are wrong for the ‘Quakes, as I still have a place in my heart for Bobby Convey.
  12. Houston Dynamo: The Dynamo tumble from their preseason position after a disappointing loss to the Union. Perhaps they East won’t be the walk to the playoffs some of their fans were hoping for?
  13. Chivas USA: Chivas’ defense was supposed to be its strength, but that did not happen against Omar Bravo and Sporting KC. Their offense, however, may help lead them out of the basement.
  14. New England Revolution: The Revolution played with some pluck against the Galaxy, earning the draw.
  15. Columbus Crew: The Crew are rebuilding, but their first match may leave their fans questioning the direction of that rebuilding.
  16. Vancouver Whitecaps: A good win this week for the team that many were considering to be the worst in the league; however, this is as high as they go until they beat someone other than the actual worst team in the league.
  17. Portland Timbers: The Timbers are looking like an expansion team and looking to prove me wrong in my predictions.
  18. Toronto FC: Getting whipped by an expansion team is no way to start, especially for a team that had so much turmoil over the offseason.

3 responses to “Power Rankings, Week 1”

  1. I’m going to take that as a shout out… SJ played lovely, lovely possession soccer on an ugly night and missed about five goals by an inch or less – sigh.

    I haven’t watched all the highlight packages yet, but I have yet to be convinced by Philly, and I think the Crew will be better than they showed against DC, especially if they actually play Rogers, who made all the difference and then some after he came on. Most of the rest of my opinions for the weekend concern DC alone and were exhausted in the 2-3 page email I sent my dad after I watched the game.

    • Yes, that was a shout out :D

      The Crew definitely could be better, but if their coach keeps making bizarre moves they won’t be.

      • Yeah, ok, if they’re really looking to trade Rogers, then I take it back, and I think we know who’s dealing the crack Seattle was on with that whole releasing-Nfuko-two-hours-before-the-opener thing.

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