Rodrigo Brasesco to DC United?

Tribal Football is rumoring that defender Rodrigo Brasesco from Racing Club de Montevideo is set to move to DC United on a loan.  They are basing this rumor off of a report from the Uruguayan site  Racing Club de Montevideo plays in the Uruguayan first division, having been promoted from the second division in 2008.  Rodrigo Brasesco is a 24 year old defender, and seems to play in the central defense (from what I can piece together from various box scores).

If this is true, this can explain why United wasn’t looking to pick up Jimmy Conrad or someone else in the Re-Entry Draft.  I’m actually hoping that Brasesco can play as a fullback, because I’m not really looking forward to Devon McTavish starting again.  Also, if true, I think that this would indicate that United will likely look to an offensive player, such as Omar Salgado, Will Bruin, or someone else who can hopefully develop into the finisher that they so badly need.

5 responses to “Rodrigo Brasesco to DC United?”

  1. Salgado’s a project. I can’t see DC going after a player that won’t help right away, and it would seem likely that they go for a defensive player given that the 2011 draft is filled with such players that could/should challenge for a starting spot (Kitchen, Sarkodie, Valentin).

  2. I’m not sure Kitchen is a guy who can start in MLS his first season, and he certainly won’t displace McCarty or Simms. Will Bruin, Cody Hertzog, and Zarek Valentin are the guys you would want to take to possibly contribute next season.

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