Cut this team.

Troy Perkins- Cut. Who knows what happened to the Troy Perkins that was on the fringe of the National Team picture, but that person must have stayed in Norway.
Bill Hamid- Keep. Good young keeper who will only get better.
Chase Harrison- Keep. Might as well, Hamid needs a backup.
Julius James- Keep. He and Wallace are our only good defenders.
Juan Manuel Pena- Cut him before he retires, just to pay him back for wasting our time and money.
Marc Burch- Cut. Good enough when he’s healthy, but injury prone.
Dejan Jakovic- Cut. Decent enough player, but isn’t good enough on a consistent basis.
Kurt Morsink- Cut. An average player who makes a couple terrible plays a game.
Adam Cristman- Cut. A good work rate, but can’t put anything in the back of the net.
Danny Allsopp- Cut cut cut. Just like Adam Cristman, but doesn’t have a good work rate. Worthless.
Carlos Varela- Cut. Too old to be a part of the long term future and taking spots that could be filled by younger players.
Jed Zayner
Chris Pontius- Keep. Young player with promising signs; next year though, he needs to take that big step forward.
Andy Najar- Obviously keep.  Build the team around him. Give him anything he wants. Call it Andy Najar United? Sure.
Barry Rice- Keep. Still can develop into a good defender.
Jordan Graye- Keep. See Barry Rice.
Connor Shanosky- Keep. Hopefully can turn into the next Clyde Simms.
Devon McTavish- Cut. Utility man at best, but not a good sign if he’s starting for your team.
Clyde Simms- Keep or trade.  True warrior who deserves much better than this.
Stephen King- Cut. My feelings about him can be summed up as “meh.”
Pablo Hernandez- Extend his loan or buy. He hasn’t scored yet, which is a little worrying, but he’s better than any other striker on the roaster right now.
Rodney Wallace- Keep. Was playing very well before he got injured, and he’s still young.
Brandon Barklage- Eh, keep I guess.  He’s young and a good enough squad player I guess.
Santino Quaranta- Keep. ‘Tino has his flaws, but he can be the veteran presence that we build around.
Branko Boskovic- Cut. Signs of being good in this last game, but Najar should take his position and he’s definitely not worth DP money.
Junior Carriero- Keep. Young and has been showing good enough flashes to stay.
Jaime Moreno- Keep. As long as he wants to stay, he should be allowed to stay. Best player in DCU history and one of the best in MLS history.  He should be allowed to go out on his own terms.

Where to fill out the rest of the team? Academy signings, trialists, draft picks, and places like that.  If we’re going to have a de facto rebuilding season, I want to go full out and actually have some hope for the future.  But with the players we have now, there isn’t hope for the future.  There is no quick fix for this team; we’re going to be bad next year too.  But with the right coach, which I think Olsen can be, we might be able to start getting better starting in 2012.  Whether or not they’re still in DC by then is another question.

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