The Galaxy come to town

Sorry that I didn’t post anything about the 0-0 draw with NYRB or the 1-0 loss to the Sounders; I was on vacation on Bald Head Island, NC, with my fiancée and her family.  But now the best team in the league comes into RFK. Donovan, Ricketts, Buddle, and the rest of the team are a match for any team in the league, and United is probably just a road bump in their way. But, as Herm Edwards says, you play to win the game, and United can threaten if they put it together.

Injuries continue to hit United.  The career suspension of Brian Namoff was a long time coming, but still a sad sight to see.  I wonder why MLS sees more of these sorts of career ending concussions than the NFL. Is it that MLS players get more concussions? No. Is it that MLS players are pansies and can’t handle their concussions? No. Could it be that NFL players are forced by cultural and monetary forces keep playing and endanger their long-term health? Probably.  There have been a lot of articles recently about all the brain damage that football players suffer over the courses of their careers.  Chris Henry, a wide reciever who died recently, was found to have brain damage even though his NFL career only lasted a few years and he played a position that gets less concussions, traditionally, than others.  But various pressures, such as money and the traditional branding of football players as “tough,” might prevent them from taking the course of action that has their best health.  Adam Cristman is also out for the foreseeable future, going to Germany to get surgery on a hernia.  I’m not quite sure why he chose Germany over the US for his surgery, but I hope he recovers soon.

United’s new transfer also made their debuts against the Sounders: Pablo Hernandez came on for Jaime Moreno in the 56th minute, and Branko Boskovic came on for Stephen King in the 72nd minute.  The competition for the second central midfielder position between King and Boskovic will be interesting, although who knows if Curt Onalfo will move Boskovic around the field, like he’s done with lots of players.(Quaranta, Najar, Pontius, Moreno, etc.)  However, I don’t see either of them starting, at least for a couple of games yet.

Who will start this game?  Well, this is what I see happening.

McTavish Jakovic Pena Graye
Najar Simms King Pontius
Moreno Quaranta

Although, I would not be surprised if Pablo Hernandez started and saved Moreno for a halftime substitution.  The outcome? Even I, one of the most hopeful and optimistic people, can’t predict a DC United victory.  I think a 3-1 Galaxy victory will probably be in order.

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