Quick thoughts, DC United vs. Real Salt Lake

Quick thoughts and ratings after DC United’s 0-0 draw with Real Salt Lake…

Never thought that, after the start of this season, I would be disappointed with stealing a point against Real Salt Lake, the current holders of the MLS Cup.  But after the way the match went, I can’t help but think that DC deserved the full three points.  DC controlled possession, had almost all of the shots on goal (I think RSL had one total), and had inspired defense.  If this is the way that DC is going to play for the rest of the year, they might yet be able to salvage something.

Perkins – 7: Played very well in the limited time that he was needed.  I still think, in the back of my mind, that they keep running him out there so that they can trade him for something.

Graye – 7: Good, as he seems to have been in recent days.  Really growing into his role, and compliments Wallace on the other side rather well.

Pena – 5: Solid in the center defense, but went off early to make way for Julius James.  I’m not really comfortable with one of our center defenders going off after 65 minutes because he’s so old (it doesn’t help that his nickname is “The Mummy”).

Jakovic – 6: Solid in his return to the team, which is good, since the last time that I remember him being on the field was him getting a red card which led to a free kick goal and then getting his collarbone broken.

Wallace – 6: Good pace before he went off with a leg injury.  Hopefully he isn’t out long; while McTavish is good, I would be more comfortable with Wallace in there.

Najar – 7: Assistant coach called him the warrior, and thats what he is.  Although, he was more anonymous in the 2nd half, but he’s still performing well above his age.

Simms – 6: A boss in the central midfield.  His return has coincided with the uptake of United’s form.

King – 6: Played with a good effort and showed that he’s a much better version of Kurt Morsink.  Good passing on the ball and had a couple of good shots in the first half.  Should have had a goal.
Pontius – 5: He’s definitely the best wing option, but he had an okey night.  The last two games he’s seemed to have problems holding possesion and getting corsses in; however, I’d still rather see him there than see Boyzzz or Castillo.

Quaranta – 6: Good service, but I’d like to see more of a striker mentality from him.  He’s still learning the position though, and I think that the goals will come.

Allsopp – 6:  A serviceable night, but nothing outstanding.

McTavish – 6: Definitely played well.  A very good backup, but not quite up to the level of Rodney Wallace.

James – 6: Played well in place of Juan Manuel Pena, but I wish he didn’t have to.
Cristman – 6: Has taken over the role of supersub from Jamie and Emilio.  He has a better work rate than both and that can cause more problems than either of them.

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