Break Up United!

Break up United, DCU finally got a win!

Even though it was only a win against FC Dallas in a US Open Cup match, a win is a win.  Especially since DCU scored 4 goals, which is 2 more than they’ve scored the entire rest of the season.

Andy Najar should be starting every.  His cross to Cristman set up the first goal, he had a goal of his own, and he was always pestering FC Dallas when they thought they had safe plays in the back.  One of these days, one of those runs of his is going to turn into a goal.

I like Kurt Morsink more than a lot of people seem to.  I think he plays hard, his passing is fairly decent, and he’s just a little bit of a bulldog back there, always harrying people and not letting anything happen easily.  He’s not a great player, but he’s solid.

Castillo’s goal was kind of fluky, but a goal is a goal.  His set pieces were also pretty nice, getting some dangerous balls in there. One of those should have gone for a goal, as Barklage got a head in there but just couldn’t put it in the back of the net.

I like the Luciano Emilio signing as a short term deal.  He has played well for DCU in the past, and can hopefully give them some scoring.  However, I do not think he is the long term solution, and unless he is tearing it up, I don’t think we should be considering resigning him after the deal is up.  If we are, either he’s done really well or DCU has basically folded on the season.

Cristman’s brace!  He looked good off service from other players, and got a standing ovation from the crowd when he was taken off.  Emillio will probably get the looks, but hell, maybe Cristman should too.  Either way, though, that probably says something bad about Onalfo.

Speaking of Onalfo, I didn’t see what he did to get himself sent off.  But unless the team starts playing well this season, I can’t see him making it through.  Although, if they sack him, the front office should probably go as well.

I’m still not fully confident in Troy Perkins.  I wanted to see Bill Hamid play in the Open Cup match tonight, to see what he could do.  In the first half I still wasn’t too impressed with Perkins’ performance.  He seemed to be out of position and have some lucky misses by FC Dallas.  However, he did seem to calm down in the second half and he did make some good saves.  Hopefully he’s beginning to turn the corner and return to where he has been in the past.

If the 4-4-2 isn’t working, I don’t mind the 4-5-1/4-2-3-1.  It gets DCU’s best players on the field.  I wouldn’t mind a lineup of:

Talley Pena Jakovic Wallace
Barklage Morsink
Pontius Najar Quaranta

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