Open Cup Lineup Update

After my post this morning about the DC United-FC Dallas clash tomorrow in the US Open Cup, some more news has come to light, mostly from the wonderful Mr. Goff at Soccer Insider.  Here’s a quote from his piece, found here:

So expect a mix of regulars and reserves: Andy Najar, Brandon Barklage, Christian Castillo, Boyzzz Khumalo , Devon McTavish, Rodney Wallace and Adam Cristman, among others. 

This is in addition to Danny Allsopp and Julius James now being ruled out.  With James out, and Pena and Clyde Simms being held out until the weekend match against Red Bulls, we are going to need a developmental player to step up and play centerback.  That would be one of Jordan Graye, Lyle Adams, or Barry Rice.  I think that one of them will get their first professional start, unless Onalfo moves someone like Morsink or Najar back into defense.  If I had to guess, I would say it will be either Rice or Adams, since they are both centerbacks and Graye is a fullback, and I’m going to pick Rice.  The return of Pena and Simms on Saturday is going to be good.

Goff also tipped that Bill Hamid will likely get the start in the place of Troy Perkins.  Hopefully his development will push Troy Perkins to get back to where he has been in the past (or possibly replace Perkins down the line if he doesn’t improve).

So here is my updated lineup for Wednesday night’s clash:

McTavish Talley Rice Wallace
Quaranta Najar Barklage Castillo
Boyzzz Cristman

I’m going to stay optimistic and hope that some of the reservists impress: 2-1 to United, with Boyzzz and Najar scoring the goals and Hamid and Rice putting on displays that challenge the starters at their positions.

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