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  • Update to my #DCU protection list

    After seeing Goff’s interview with Kevin Payne, I have one update to my previous post. The quote from KP is: “We don’t know Jed Zayner’s physical condition is. We don’t know if he is going to be able to play again. His knee is a real issue.” With that being said, there is no need […]

  • Defense is the Problem

    Well, we all know what the problem is with this DC United team, both the reserve team and the first team: defense. United’s defense has been torched in its last two games, giving up 7 goals (including a goal and an assist from former William & Mary player Alan Koger). The three best players on […]

  • Settle down, folks: DC United vs. New England Revolution

    Well, that was quite a first week, wasn’t it? The main thing that I am worried about is the hype, my own included, that has begun to build around this DC United team. They are obviously better than last year; but let’s not lock down their playoff spot quite yet. United will have two defenders […]