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  • Defensive Juggling: How does United replace Jakovic?

    Ever since the back four of Perry Kitchen, Dejan Jakovic, Ethan White, and Daniel Woolard first started playing together, the DC United defense has looked more organized and, more importantly, has let in far fewer goals. But now, United’s longest serving defensive starter, Dejan Jakovic, is leaving for duty with the Canadian National Team. Regardless […]

  • What do I want to see versus Ajax? Partnerships

    The first thing I want to see is this game happen, without a rapture. But what I actually want to see is all about partnerships. The first partnership that I want to see is Santino Quaranata and Blake Brettschneider up top. With the way Charlie Davies and Josh Wolff have played so far this year, […]

  • Quick reactions versus the Colorado Rapids

    After a 1-1 draw with the defending champs, DC United had a mixed bag of player performances. The good *Andy Najar – It was apparently whack-an-andy night at RFK today, as Najar was hacked down multiple times without any fouls being called. But Najar, in the second half, was his normal dangerous self, sending in […]

  • Welp, that sucked

    Well, there is no two ways around it. The game against the New York Red Bulls exposed all of the flaws in this current DC United team, while showing none of the good things that they have built so far this season. Actually, it reminded me a lot more of last year’s team, which is […]

  • Sneaking out a point

    Good teams do not just play better, they create their own luck. DC United might not yet be a good team, but they have finally started to make a little of their own luck. People say that, over the course of a season, calls have a tendency to work themselves out; if this is true, […]

  • Boskovic and ‘Tino will be on the bench (and other thoughts)

    We win trophies! The first piece of silverware of the season is safely in the trophy cabinet. While a trophy is always good, its really the play of the team with which I am concerned. On the whole, I am encouraged by the team’s play; I think they are better than last year’s team at […]

  • A few things I think I think after beating the Charleston Battery

    And no, hopefully I do not turn into the soccer equivalent of Peter King; if I do, please, someone just smack me upside the head. Anyways, here are my random thoughts about D.C United’s 2-1 win over the Charleston Battery: Dax McCarty with an early knife just splitting open the Battery defense: that’s not something […]

  • Charlie Davies and Julius James: D.C. United making moves

    The worst kept secret in all of D.C. area sports was confirmed yesterday: Charlie Davies is now a member of D.C. United. I am happy for him to be in D.C. as a fan, but also happy that he is finally able to get back to first team soccer after his horrific accident. Even though […]