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  • Late breaking news

    Welp, without Branko Boskovic traveling with the team, tonight’s lineup will look pretty familiar. I’m still hoping for a shakeup on defense, and that is looking more possible with Jed Zayner traveling, and I am still hoping that Andy Najar will start. I am not going to call this the lineup that I expected, because […]

  • Defense is the Problem

    Well, we all know what the problem is with this DC United team, both the reserve team and the first team: defense. United’s defense has been torched in its last two games, giving up 7 goals (including a goal and an assist from former William & Mary player Alan Koger). The three best players on […]

  • Welp, that sucked

    Well, there is no two ways around it. The game against the New York Red Bulls exposed all of the flaws in this current DC United team, while showing none of the good things that they have built so far this season. Actually, it reminded me a lot more of last year’s team, which is […]

  • The MVP of the Reserve League; or, how much longer will Boskovic be on this team?

    One of the main things that is still with me after the game against the New England Revolution isn’t the missed handball call, or the questionable penalty, or Jakovic being Jakovic. These sorts of things are going to happen with a young team, and I was glad that they did not crumble at the sight […]

  • Does no Clyde Simms mean the return of Kurt Morsink?

    Well, it looks like United will be without another defensive player today. Clyde Simms has injured his calf and will not be featured in the match tonight against the Revs. With potential replacement Perry Kitchen away with the national team and Conor Shanosky not yet ready, the choice comes down to two players: Branko Boskovic […]

  • Boskovic and ‘Tino will be on the bench (and other thoughts)

    We win trophies! The first piece of silverware of the season is safely in the trophy cabinet. While a trophy is always good, its really the play of the team with which I am concerned. On the whole, I am encouraged by the team’s play; I think they are better than last year’s team at […]

  • FIU Scrimmage Roundup

    Two days ago, I talked about the quality performance that Branko Boskovic has been putting in on the wing, but knew that we would eventually see him in central midfield as well. In yesterday’s match against FIU, that came true. At halftime, Boskovic moved centrally and, at least according to the D.C United twitter feed, […]

  • Boskovic on the wing

    D.C. United has been playing with our expectations; and no, I’m not talking about Charlie Davies. When Branko Boskovic was signed as United’s designated player last summer, it was with the understanding that he would be the #10, the playmaker in central midfield. In the two preseason scrimmages that have been played so far, Ben […]

  • Boskovic and Hernandez lineup math

    Ah, the last game before DC United two new signings, Branko Boskovic and Pablo Hernandez, can officially start playing. ┬áThat’s when lineup choices will start getting more interesting, although I doubt either of them will start that game (against the Sounders), but maybe a late sub depending on how the game is going. ┬áThe lineup […]