Richmond Kickers vs. Harrisburg City Islanders Game Thread

A mere three days after losing in the US Open Cup, the Richmond Kickers are right back in the saddle, playing the Harrisburg City Islanders in Harrisburg, Pa. There are all sorts of storms moving throughout the Northeast, bringing tornado watches and warnings. Weather Underground says that there is an 80% chance of thunderstorms tonight, so lets hope that we can just get this game in.

Although, missing the game would make it easier for the Kickers. The worst that could happen is that it is rescheduled as another back to back.

Game time: 7:00

Video: This game can be found streaming online at

Projected starting lineup: Even though I just gave you my projected starting lineup a mere few hours ago, I’m already going to change it (and still be wrong). After further consideration, I think it will look more like this:

Goerres Johnson Yeisley Foglesong
Heins Bulow Vercollone Callahan
Delicate Agorsor

This lineup slide David Bulow back into the midfield and puts Christopher Agorsor back up top. Regardless, it will be a tough task for Leigh Cowlishaw to manage back to back matches, so I am interested to see who he throws out there.

Prediction: I think that the City Islanders will be a little giddy after their win over New England, and so I predict a 2-1 Kickers victory.

What are you drinking? This is something I have to bring over from Black and Red United’s game threads. I’ll likely be drinking what I always do something bourbon based. I’ll let you know for sure when it is closer to game time.

Feel free to leave any and all comments below about this match. If I am able to do some live blogging, it will be in the old school style where you have to refresh the blog to get new content. That’s about the only way to do it on a hosted WordPress blog, without paying for something like Cover It Live. If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know. However, I’ll put it under the jump so it doesn’t flood the homepage. Hope you enjoy!

Preamble: This is going to be a wet and nasty game, and its going to be a miracle if we get this one in. They’re predicting some gross weather coming in right about halftime, so it will be interesting.

Its hard to see what players there are out there, but it looks like what I predicted, except Nyazamba is in for Delicate.

3′: Harrisburg gets a foul for a retaliation on Shane Johnson.

7′: Kickers get the first corner, but it skips through.

9′: Kickers looking dangerous, but been called offsides a number of times.

13′:back with an old fashioned. Game has gotten a little choppy because of the rain.

15′: Ryan Heins drives it to the fair post, but its just in front of everyone. Kickers having the better of play.

23′ Harrisburg cross is cleared away

31′ Harrisburg has begun to settle in as the rain has stopped.

33′ Harrisburg had the old Kickers logo on tv

36′ foglesong whips in an errant cross, easily cleared

38′ ukrops gets a shout!

39′ more dangerous crosses by Richmond, but no goals yet.

42′ Ronnie pascals with another fabulous save! He ball was whipped in, bounced off pascale, but he was able to smother the rebound.

43′ pascale with another save off of a shot from distance

45′ and halftime! A fairly even first half, as both sides had their moments. Pascale with a few moments of brilliance to keep it level

46′ and here we go! Rain has stopped, at least for now

47′ Kickers snuff out a counter

50′ foglesong playing dangerously on defends. Rough in the box, but no call

52′ Agorsor is fouled in a dangerous area; Goerres hits the one player wall.

55′ Kickers have a two on one, but Vercollones shot is high. Agorsor was open for the cross, but none came.

58′ Kickers need a center mid subbed in; dos Santos and vercollone haven’t done much.

59′ Good buildup, but Goerres cross is long. Harrisburg makes two subs.

63′ David Bulow comes in for Ryan Heins

65′ Agorsor is often playing as a lone striker, with Nyazamba often dropping into midfield

67′ Elcock fouled near the box for a yellow. Kickers gooooooooal Shane Johnson! Stanley Nyazamba with the assist.

70′ Shane Johnson picks up a yellow.

72′ pascale makes a great reaction save to prevent a Harrisburg goal

73′ David Bulow Is fouled at the top of the box. Parried for a corner.

75′ Callahan comes in for Nyazamba

77′ elcock streaks down the field and crosses to Bulow, but he is dispossessed.

79′ pascale gets a hand to it but Harrisburg scores.

80′ it is 1-1 with 10 minutes left.

83′ Agorsor is limping after a yellow card foul

84′ weather delay at 83:54

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