Update to my #DCU protection list

After seeing Goff’s interview with Kevin Payne, I have one update to my previous post. The quote from KP is: “We don’t know Jed Zayner’s physical condition is. We don’t know if he is going to be able to play again. His knee is a real issue.” With that being said, there is no need to protect Zayner; the Impact are not going to take a risk on a player with that serious an injury. I do hope that Zayner is able to come back, as I think he can start for United if he is healthy.

However, that leaves one of the five from my “Not protected, but would be nice if they stayed” group to move up onto the protected list, and I’m torn between Clyde Simms and Josh Wolff. I think I’m going to chose Clyde Simms, as he has been with United forever, been a solid player all those years, and United may be able to get something for him if they want to move him. Even if they can’t move him, I’d like to see him back and help the younger players develop into true professionals, like Simms is.

To recap, my protection list for the Expansion Draft is:

  1. Dwayne DeRosario
  2. Chris Pontius
  3. Perry Kitchen
  4. Brandon McDonald
  5. Dejan Jakovic
  6. Santino Quaranta
  7. Branko Boskovic
  8. Clyde Simms
  9. Chris Korb
  10. Blake Brettschneider
  11. Joe Willis

4 responses to “Update to my #DCU protection list”

  1. I’ve had your previous post sitting open in a tab for the past couple of days, trying to decide what my thoughts were. I think I was inclined to disagree with your inclusion of Zayner anyway, so I’m not all that broken up about removing him from the running (team-wise, of course. It sucks that he may not be able to play anymore). But I’m done with Simms. I fully admit that I’ve never been entirely sold on him, and also that I’ve never quite forgiven him for replacing Brian Carroll, who I do not think we should have lost (and whose form elsewhere justifies part of my feelings on this one, I think). I like having Wolff around, but I’m nervous about what he has left to bring to the team for another season. So I think I’m inclined to protect da Luz first. He’s got heart and potential, and I think he’s a likely pick-up for expansion purposes, despite the slightly high salary he brings. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him down the stretch of the season, and I think we run a pretty high risk of losing him if we leave him exposed. I’d still like to protect Wolff, maybe instead of Willis, but I waffle some there.

  2. I left Wolff unprotected because I don’t think that the Impact will try and take him, at his age and salary and given his performance down the stretch. I think he’d be a great sub to have coming off the bench (much like Quaranta down the stretch), and it would allow United to change the game late. Either way, I don’t want to see him starting next year.

    I see where you’re coming from with Simms, and Kitchen has definitely knocked him from the starting lineup. Were Benny to keep da Luz over Simms, I would have no problem with it. And, if they were both unprotected, da Luz would probably be more likely to be taken.

    Willis I do want to keep, and would protect him to do so. There are rumors on Twitter that Bill Hamid is going to be training overseas this offseason, and he’ll be gone in a couple of years regardless. Willis has proven he is solid; at worst, he’s a good backup keeper, and who knows, he could be the replacement for Hamid down the line. Yes, there are other keepers likely to be taken ahead of Willis, but I don’t want to take that risk.

  3. I see where you’re coming from on all of it, and I don’t disagree. It’s a little depressing, actually, that it’s as easy as it is to narrow the list. I do have to say, though, that I’m not sure Hamid goes as soon as that. With Klinsi handing him the #2 keeper position specifically because he’s playing regularly, I think he’ll end up being very, very careful about offers, and I think he’d be stupid, frankly, to move to a club where he wouldn’t be the #1, or at least in very close competition for it.

    BTW, I’m living in DC again. We should do a game or two next season.

    • Oh yes; I meant to come up this season, but it didn’t happen. I defly want to come up for a few games next season, and when I do, I’ll let you know.

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