Groundhog’s Day

I could just repost my entry from last week, but that wouldn’t be very fun, now would it? As everyone is obviously aware, defense is still the problem for United (and for other DC area teams as well). But how much can be done with the current roster? United has Jed Zayner, Perry Kitchen, Dejan Jakovic, and Marc Burch as their starters. With Jed Zayner reinjuring his hamstring, United is back to having Chris Korb in the lineup. As was evidenced in the game against Houston, Jed Zayner was not ready to return. But what else can they do? Rodrigo Brasesco seems to have proven that he is not the answer in the center or as a fullback. Brandon Barklage is a midfielder who is decent cover at the back, but has not yet proven he is a defensive starter in this league. However, the way things are going, Olsen might want to give him a chance. Daniel Woolard may be a marginally better defender than Marc Burch, but he is the same type of player (without the benefits that Burch brings going forward). Would Ben Olsen really do the three rookies and Burch back line? He might by the end of the season. Regardless, this is a season of youth, and that will bring both incredible and facepalming moments.

But there is a game tonight against the Seattle Sounders, who have gotten hot after starting the season with two losses. Here is my lineup prediction.

Korb Jakovic Kitchen Burch
Najar Simms McCarty Pontius
Davies Wolff

One of these days, I am going to predict that Andy Najar will start and I will be right. I think United need his tenacity and his work rate, so I think he gets the start. Otherwise, the lineup looks fairly similar to what has been run out all season. I am hoping for a 1-1 draw, but my realistic side says a 2-1 loss. Prove me wrong!

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